Different Air Conditioning Odor and Their Causes

The unpleasing odor coming from your air conditioning is an alarming situation that indicates different meanings. You may need an expert to solve issues arising from odor. The experts know exactly what condition can cause what kind of odor, and they act accordingly to each maintenance. Let’s explore different kinds of smells coming from AC and their indication.


Sometimes, you may feel the smell of burning. However, you need to switch off your HVAC system whenever you smell a whiff of burning. It’s a bad indication. Also, you should leave the room as soon as possible, and in most ideal conditions, call the fire department instantly. During burning smell, there is no need to call an expert but call the fire department. Once you feel that there is no instant danger, call the HVAC expert and let him identify the cause of the burning smell. This kind of odor indicates various problems, from frayed wiring to the overheated motor to other mechanical issues.

Exhaust Fumes

Exhaust fumes indicate that the HVAC system has some kind of fluid leakage. But when this fluid leaks on the heated mechanical part like the motor, it may cause an exhaust odor. These fumes are highly detrimental to the health as a person is directly inhaling the fumes in an indoor space. It’s time to contact an HVAC expert and know the exact reasons behind the fumes and let them fix it. Do not turn on the system until it gets fixed properly.

Rotten eggs

Have you ever experienced the smell of rotten eggs coming from your HVAC system? It may indicate a gas leak in your system. Gas leakage is highly detrimental. Even the low levels of gas are highly dangerous to the health, and their continuous exposure may lead to unconsciousness or death. All you need to do is evacuate the room and call the fire brigade if this smell increases and increases.


Usually, an HVAC system with a fried fan motor or whose circuit board has a problem smells like gunpowder. It does not just cause problems to the system, but it is highly dangerous for your respiratory system. You should not take this smell lightly. Call the HVAC expert as soon as possible to fix the problem.


Isn’t it true that animals like rats and mice seek shelter in the HVAC system during winters? When this happens, you may undergo garbage odor. It may show that rats or mice may have died in your system. You need to get rid of this foul smell by turning off the AC immediately and opening the windows and doors. You should call an HVAC technician or pest control.


You may have heard about the smell of paint thinner, formaldehyde, or other chemicals coming from the Air Conditioner. If you ever experience such an odor coming from your AC, switch it off as soon as possible because these chemicals like smell are highly detrimental to the health. These chemicals like smell may indicate that the liquid inside your HVAC system leaks. This means you need to call an expert instantly because your HVAC system has severe trouble.