How To Choose Your Automatic Sprinklers?

Sometimes mandatory, always recommended in buildings, automatic sprinklers from fire sprinkler companies for example make it possible to extinguish the beginnings of fire in most cases without human intervention. Which model to choose? We will tell you everything.

Three Types Of Sprinklers

All automatic sprinkler install west jordan ut systems look the same. They have a piping structure connected to a water source. Watering starts as soon as they perceive a temperature given beforehand.

The wet system: The sprinkler heads are fed by water from the pipes. To avoid fire, the sprinklers start up when they detect abnormal heat. This system is the most commonly used. It is praised for its efficiency, easy maintenance, and low cost.

The dry system is the same operation as above, except that the pressurized air has replaced the water. In case of fire, the air escapes giving way to the water. This is particularly useful in freezing conditions, but the nozzles are subject to corrosion and scale. Its maintenance cost is, therefore, higher.

The reaction system is a mix of the systems underwater and air. Water is retained by a valve triggered in the event of a fire. Companies use it to reduce accidental water damage, such as accidental triggering or leaks. Nevertheless, its tripping time is longer, and the assembly is more expensive.

The Advantages Of Automatic Sprinklers

The best argument for investing in automatic sprinklers is that your insurance company will provide them. Beyond the security they provide, the company can save money. First, the insurance premium rate will generally be lower than if your building is unprotected. The sprinklers intervene at the first signs of flame while warning the fire services (such as firefighters), thanks to its network of alarms. Your losses in the event of a claim are likely to be lower.

The fear of flooding in the event of a fire is quite legitimate. But sprinklers have a special way of working. They do not necessarily occur at the same time. The first to start is the one that has detected an abnormally high heat source. If this heat is detected by the second, then the latter, in turn, starts up, and so on. Consequently, this independence allows relative safety in the event of a malfunction of one of the nozzles. Your room will not be flooded for no reason.

Are automatic sprinklers effective? Yes. The statistic shows that 99.7% of fires are controlled without human intervention. If this is not the case, watering can limit the damage while waiting for the arrival of firefighters.