Call for assistance as soon as you discover a problem with your pipes. Our experts at 1 Day Rooter & Plumbing are able to locate the issue, identify the case, and make the necessary repairs swiftly to restore safety to your home. Your top priority should be making sure that your household is secure. Instead of attempting to resolve a pipe or plumbing issue on your own, kindly contact us for assistance.

Homes in Duarte, California, may require plumbing services for a variety of causes, which is why we can help you maintain the security of your home and locate plumbing solutions. KeepingOur top priorities are maintaining your water supply and ensuring your pipes are clean.

Did Your Home Have a Burst Pipe?

Your house may sustain damage if a pipe bursts. You must immediately contact a professional to handle the pipe repair to control the situation. When they arrive, our group will:

  • Turn off the water and then look for the harm.
  • With a pipe cutter, fix the burst section, then solder a new section into position.
  • By inspecting it, determine whether they can repair the pipe or if the entire system needs to be changed. If the problems are more severe than we had anticipated, we advise repiping the whole house if necessary.

The copper pipes we can use to repipe your house at 1 Day Rooter & Plumbing are more substantial than the outdated steel ones. Additionally, they can withstand even the coldest temps and are less likely to rust.

Keep Your Home’s Drains Clean

To begin, scrape food scraps into the trash as opposed to your kitchen sink refuse disposal. Only flush toilet paper and waste down the toilet bowl. Consider installing screens over the openings to stop hair from falling into the drains in your bathroom and tub. Contact the experts at 1 Day Rooter & Plumbing to schedule sewer cleanings.

These essential elements for preventing drain clogs may affect your regular water movement. We’ll take care of the pipes outside as well as those inside the house. We are skilled at working with significant water and sewer systems, even hydro jetting them to remove substantial obstructions like trees!

Get a Tankless Water Heater Upgrade!

Simply put, a conventional water heater is no longer the same. In reality, you might be wasting a lot of water by standing at your faucet because it takes time to heat up the entire tank, which has an impact on your utility costs. Because it is immediately connected to your pipes and produces hot water that is ready to use quickly, a tankless water heater can make all the difference in your home.

To ensure that you are pleased each time you need hot water, 1 Day Rooter & Plumbing carries the most cutting-edge brands on the market. After we assist you in installing your new unit, we will send a technician to check on it once a year to ensure it is still doing its job correctly.

Count on Us for Your Plumbing Needs in Duarte, California

Calling 1 Day Rooter & Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs in Duarte, California, will help to maintain your house functioning properly. Our experts know your house’s requirements, how to maintain it, and the benefits of doing so. The water heater ensures everyone gets a hot shower, and the pipes keep everything operating smoothly!

Sometimes it’s the little things that you overlook until something goes awry that indicate your system needs routine maintenance. Allow us to assist with the modifications so your plumbing services continue operating as they should. In addition to helping you better comprehend any problems your system may be having and come up with solutions, experts are available to answer any questions you may have.