Questions to Ask When Choosing a Duct Cleaning Company

When it comes to choosing a company offering duct cleaning services, it can be difficult to separate the mediocre businesses from seasoned professionals. One way to cut down the time spent on your search is to ask the right questions. This article will detail some important questions to ask when choosing a company for duct cleaning.

Do They Offer Services You Need?

When choosing a duct cleaning company, the first question you should ask is “does this company offer the services I actually need?”

Duct cleaning is a competitive business, and as such, not all companies are built equally. Companies differ in their service offerings, but you’ll find it’s typically the companies that have the widest service offerings that tend to stay in business the longest. This is because a company that has a varied service offering will more likely be able to cover all the needs of their customers.

Some companies and professionals only offer residential or commercial cleaning for ducts, however, it’s possible that your specific job might cross into both areas depending on your duct system. For this reason, it’s usually recommended that you go with a duct cleaning company or technician who is cross-disciplined in the cleaning of both commercial and residential ducts. 

Are They Priced Fairly?

The second question you should ask when it comes to seeking a duct cleaning company is “Are they priced fairly?”

While prices for duct cleaning work will naturally vary depending on the extent of the job and the duct system itself, there are unfortunately some companies that take advantage of customers’ lack of awareness when it comes to quoting and pricing.

A good way to gauge whether your specific job is being priced fairly or not is to compare quotes from multiple companies. Comparing quotes will give you insight into whether you’re being price gouged, plus a quote also adds a layer of trust to the transaction. You’ll be able to see a detailed breakdown of the charges and ask questions about them, or bring up any specific work you would like done that the quoting technician may have missed in the initial quote. 

Does the Company Have an Established Reputation?

While you may be tempted to take a gamble on a newer duct cleaning company, especially if they price themselves lower than competitors, the short term savings to you may be the catalyst for long term issues with your duct system due to having it worked on by inexperienced or callous technicians. 

Generally speaking, it’s much safer to hire a duct cleaning company with a long established reputation than one that is new to the scene. Longevity in this business is actually quite rare, so a duct cleaning company that’s been around for 3-5 years is a great sign that the prospective company will be able to get the duct work you need done competently and safely. 

Do They Have Good Reviews/Feedback?

Lastly, you should ask any prospective duct cleaning company for proof of their work and reputation in the form of reviews and feedback from past customers. You can usually find this information online on the company’s business page or website. 

While price, service offerings and reputation are all important factors in the decision making process, ultimately you should only hire a duct cleaning company who you feel comfortable with on a personal level. Reading reviews is a great way to gauge if the prospective company will be a good fit.