Six Best Ideas For Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens are a space outside of the living area where one can prepare a meal, cook, or have a small gathering. One can also install some heating elements such as a cooktop, a stove, a pizza oven, and a grill. When it comes to outdoor kitchen idea, one can experiment a lot.

Here are some outdoor kitchen ideas: 

  •       Outdoor kitchen with a modern L-shaped plank

The modern L-shaped Plank kitchen is very attractive because of its aesthetic elements. The black, sleek, plank finish provides the kitchen with a unique look, which makes it stand out from the rest of the modern outdoor kitchens.

This type of kitchen comes with a built-in grill, a refrigerator, a pull-out bin for trash, and double doors. This type of setup is best for gatherings and small parties. Due to the design, It can easily be installed on a deck. 

  •   L-Shaped kitchen with a power burner 

Even though it is kind of similar to the previous kitchen idea, there are some visible differences between them. 

The most attractive part of this kind of kitchen is its complete stainless steel power burner. The power burner provides extra flexibility for cooking outdoors. With this type of kitchen, one can do more than just do side dishes or boil lobsters.

The power burner is designed perfectly for cooking foods in a wok. One can also purchase a griddle attachment for making breakfast for friends and family. 

It also comes with double drawers for storing dry food and utensils, which saves one from running back and forth from the indoor kitchen to the outdoor kitchen for utensils. 

  •   Straight-island-shaped kitchen with combo storage 

This kind of kitchen design is perfect for the outdoors. The rustic stacked stone finish gives the whole kitchen a different look, and it goes with all types of home aesthetics. 

It comes with a large-sized grill, a fridge as well as combo storage. When it comes to accessing the grill or storing accessories, combo storage comes in very handy. 

  •   A bar setting outdoor kitchen

The stacked stone L-shaped kitchen design is perfect for dining outside with the family. This type of kitchen does not require much space for installation. It has a refrigerator, a grill setting, and combo storage, which makes it easy to access and very handy.

 This outdoor kitchen design gives a perfect setting for spending some quality time with friends or throwing a little cocktail party.

  •   Straight island with a sink

This outdoor kitchen design is suitable for outdoor entertainment purposes. For features, it has combo storage, a grill, a sink, and an access door. 

Due to its design, it can easily be installed on the patio for guests to hang around.

  •   Small L- shaped kitchen with a sink

This type of kitchen does not require much space, which makes it great for installation in a limited space. The combination of a longer bar island with a shorter grill island makes it even more flexible. Even with the sink, one can access more space for plates and beverages on the countertop. 


Outdoor Kitchens can be very useful for spending quality time with friends and family as well as for entertainment purposes. It is also a great way to increase indoor living spaces. Moreover, it’s compact size and multiple usage facility makes it one of the top choices for homeowners.