The Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning this Winter

There is never a good time of the year to have a plumbing disaster, let alone in the dead of Winter. When the ground becomes waterlogged, identifying the presence of leaks is more difficult than ever, and all you really want after work is a hot bath to keep you warm.

Regular drain line cleaning irvine ca not only helps to ensure that your plumbing can keep up with demand over the winter period, but also saves you money and protects the foundational structure of your home or property.

But what does regular drain cleaning involve and what else can you do to keep your drains in top condition throughout the winter months and beyond?

Drain cleaning in winter

Drain cleaning is one of our most popular services, designed to alleviate both internal and external pipes of any build-up to keep them in working order all year round. Crucially, our drain cleaning services are built around upkeep – preventing blockages and eradicating build-up early, to ensure that you never face debilitating drainage problems at inconvenient times (but let’s be honest, is there ever a good time for a blocked drain?)

Drain cleaning throughout the winter helps to safeguard your drains from the presence of guests who don’t follow your inhouse rules (for example, those infuriating people who flush makeup wipes down your toilet when they visit) and from the excess of grease that can be poured down the sink as part of festive roast dinner prep. At London Drainage, we will make sure that your pipes remain clear and continue to function normally, whatever your drains need to be protected from.

Why is winter maintenance so important? 

It will come as no surprise to our readers that some of the most common causes of drain blockages include fats, oils, and grease – as well as hair and other debris. But did you know that in the winter months these substances can block your pipe more quickly,  as they solidify due to the cold weather?

Keeping your drains and pipes flowing in winter is crucial to ensuring this does not cause problems.

Other advice to keep your drains in good condition

Aside from regular drain cleaning with the help of a professional, some of the things you can do to keep your drains in good working order include clearing your gutters of leaves and debris on a regular basis and following the guidance on good drain maintenance.

Our availability this winter 

Here at London Drainage, we offer 24-hour emergency support to clients across London and beyond, with our team equipped to alleviate blockages and deal with faulty systems at all hours – all year round.

Whether you are a new customer or have used us before, get in touch to learn more about our specialist services, which are heralded by both residential homeowners and commercial clients.